The personal trainer who fabricated the sexual assault allegation against Dr. Calvin Day appears to have made six other bodily injury claims. On three separate occasions at three separate restaurants, it appears that the personal trainer claimed to have broken her tooth on a “rock in the food. On two other separate occasions and it appears that the personal trainer filed two slip, trip, or fall Worker’s Compensation claims. Still another bodily injury “allegation” involved a minor auto accident. In this particular instance, the dollar amount for lost wages and medical expenses that she submitted in writing to the insurance company (and for which she received compensation) appear to exceed the medical expenses and wage losses that she actually incurred. In other words, she appears to have committed insurance fraud. In addition to the six bodily injury claims the personal trainer appears to have as many as 10 (ten) or more property insurance claims. See more evidence at This fabricated allegation appears to have precipitated a cascade of events that contributed to the death of Dr. DAY’s son Zac Day.

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