Judge Ron Rangel found Susan Reed guilty of prosecution misconduct in the Dr. Calvin Day case, and this misconduct by her and her subordinates resulted in what has now been proven to be a wrongful conviction, and also contributed to the death of Dr. Day’s son Zac who had repeatedly told family members that he “could take anything but a conviction”. www.drcalvindayisinnocent.com

Dr. Day was recently exonerated when the charges against him were dismissed. Despite claims to the contrary by the complainants, it appears that the charges were dismissed because Dr. Day’s attorney, Michael McCrum accumulated a mountain of evidence against the complainants showing that they had been untruthful and when confronted with the evidence they refused to testify. Now comes Susan Reed, who without having any personal knowledge of the documentary and eyewitness evidence accumulated by McCrum showing that the complainants were untruthful, is quoted in today’s (2/16/2016) San Antonio Express News as saying “”This is just absurd, and the justice system has really failed for allowing someone to get away with something like that,” Reed said Monday about the dismissals.” Dr. Calvin Day welcomes attorney solicitations to represent him in a defamation suit against Susan Reed for publishing that statement and possibly others. Dr. Day’s contact information is as follows: cal_day@hotmail.com 210-859-3430